Software Engineer &
Cyber-Security Expert

11+ years of overall programming experience and 9+ years of PHP/Javascript experience. Application and system developer, Database Administrator and Project Manager in a wide variety of business and industrial applications. Experienced in web design and software implementation.

Specialties: PHP8 (OOP, usage of Frameworks, background server services, big data handling, familiar with the latest design trends and new PHP features), ECMAScript 6, .NET (C# Memory Management / Cryptography / Runtime Compilation / Networking), Shell Scripting (bash/ksh), Unix (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu), OS X.

DevOps experience with: AWS Services, DigitalOcean & Docker.

History in ethical hacking and cyber-security.

Particularly interested in long term projects which may come to be challenging and use new technologies which I'm still not familiar with. Basically, I'm interested in always learning something new and further expansion of my current knowledge.

Best attribute: Relaxed, hard working with a teaspoon of humor and capabilities of meeting the deadlines in time.